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Work Gloves

Work Gloves

We stock a massive selection of work gloves for a wide range of applications.

Depending on the risks identified in your workplace, you should select a suitable glove to minimise that risk to workers. The EN388 regulation aims to help by specifying the levels of abrasion, cut, tear and puncture a particular glove can withstand. Rigger gloves, the old favourite of industrial gloves, tend to be EN388 Category II and come with a variety of resistance scores depending on the application the glove is required for. Our rigger gloves are great quality but extremely competitively priced, particularly if you buy in full cartons.

Please note due to limitations of the EN388 cut resistance test with more cut resistant gloves many gloves that were formerly rated cut 4 or 5 will now have an X for cut resistance but will be tested to the additional EN ISO 13997 standard. These gloves will be rated from A (lowest rating) to F (highest rating). In the new EN388 standard markings the first 4 numbers remain the same but the 5th position will show the A-F rating for ISO 13997, if the glove passes the impact protection test there will be a “P” in the 6th position. The above may now need to be considered when choosing your cut resistant gloves if you need to spec gloves that were formerly rated cut 4 or 5.

We have a section for general purpose work gloves - this includes builders gloves (often called grip or gripper gloves). There are a wide range of styles, again with different test scores, to suit the wide variety of ways they can be employed. Most consist of a cotton or nylon liner glove which is then coated in latex, nitrile or PVC to provide a tough outer.

We stock the usual selection of disposable work gloves in latex, vinyl and nitrile, including the new purple nitrile gloves as used by paramedics and ambulance services. Most varieties are available powdered and unpowdered as some people are allergic to the powder. Similarly, some people have a latex allergy and will need to use nitrile of vinyl disposables.

The vinyl section contains work gloves for special hazards. This include gauntlets for chemical handling, gloves for dealing with heat and cold and cut resistant gloves.

If there is a particular style you are looking for but cannot see, please contact us as we can probably source it for you.


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