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Protective Equipment

Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is available here from some of the top brands such as Portwest, Bolle, 3M, Scott, B-Brand, Moldex and others. We've broken the range down into the various areas protected to make items easier to find.

We have a whole section dealing with equipment to protect the eyes, such as goggles, safety specs and visors. We also have a category of ear plugs and ear defenders and other auditory protective equipment. Respiratory protection such as face masks and respirators are available to various EN standards, depending on your application.

We also have a section for head and body protection which in includes safety helmets, bump caps, knee pads, back supports and more. Should an accident happen, we have a good range of 1st aid kits that suit small sole traders right up to 50 person kits for large factories or offices. We also stock eye wash and other similar products.

The final section in the category is protective equipment that is specifically for chainsaw users. We stock a good range of chainsaw trousers, bib and brace and jackets from Oregon and Portwest. We also stock chainsaw gloves, helmets / visors as well as quality chainsaw boots from Cofra.

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