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Security Guard Uniforms Buyers Guide


Your Guide to Selecting Security Guard Uniform and Accessories

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Security Guard

Security Uniform will differ depending on the working environment, the individual company and the security requirements of the client; for example security staff at an outdoor event may be clearly visible in reflective clothing, with 'Security' printed on the back, whilst a security guard on the door of a high-end shop will be smartly dressed to reflect the surroundings whilst maintaining an authoritative presence. 

Largely, security uniform closely mirrors law enforcement uniform and it's style should convey a trustworthy but assertive image.

Security uniform is usually provided by the employer in order to maintain corporate standards. Embroidery and printing are great ways to promote your business, make the guard clearly visible and portray a professional image. At bestworkwear.co.uk we provide an embroidery and printing service on our workwear garments, you can add embroidery to your online order using the online customiser, enquire about our embroidery service via this form or call us to discuss on 08454 65 66 65. 

Depending on the work environment, layering may be necessary to protect staff from conditions outside. A smart Pilot Shirt, possibly layered with a smart Pullover will form the base layers. Our Pilot Shirts and Security Jumpers feature epaulettes at the shoulders and our Epaulette Sliders can be bought separately and are suitable for embroidery. 

A Waterproof Jacket, Overtrousers and Hi-Vis garment are essential if guards will be spending some or all of their time working outside. Waterproofs and hi-vis can be personalised with printing. 

A good Safety Shoe or Boot is an important piece of uniform for guards who spend a lot of time on their feet. Boots/ shoes should ideally be waterproof and non-slip to allow for the various conditions they may face.

Steel toe caps should not be used as they may cause injury to a person being restrained by the guard. Instead, look for composite toe caps which will offer protection without causing harm.   You may also wish to consider footwear that is specifically metal-free if working in an enviroment with metal detectors installed.  Note footwear described as being composite may still contain metal components like lace eyelets that will set off a metal detector!

A knitted hat or baseball cap will protect against the cold and weather conditions for those working outdoors and again may be embroidered with the company logo or the word 'security'. 

Outdoor Security

Where a smart or formal look is required an Oxford Shirt and Suit Jacket will provide a classic, tailored look. Smart, official Security Caps are available and we also stock smart trousers to complete this outfit. Safety footwear, such as these Portwest FC41 Compositelite Shoes will maintain the smart appearance and this pair also have composite toe caps. 

Where Ties are used as part of the uniform they should only ever be Clip On Ties, in order to protect the guard against assault. 

It is a requirement of the job that the individual guard's licence is displayed at all times. This may be easiest in a lanyard around the neck or clipped onto the outer layer of clothing. It is important to ensure that the licence is clearly visible without blocking access to pockets or equipment. 

Some guards prefer to wear a tool belt to keep torches and other items handy. This will depend on the requirements of an individuals job and on the corporate image/ uniform. 

Store Security

It is also important to consider the other PPE requirements of the workplace; for example a guard on a construction site should be provided with a Safety Helmet and security staff at outdoor events, such as music festivals may require Safety Wellingtons depending upon the conditions there. If working outdoors in winter, Traction Boot Attachments are perfect to prevent slips in freezing weather. 

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