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Cofra Electron SB E P FO SRC

Cofra Electron SB E P FO SRC

Code: 63630-001

Metal-free safety shoes especially for electricians

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Product Description

Description: Black highly breathable BREATEX fabric with 3D texture and MICROTECH shoe, SANY-DRY? lining,
anti-shock, slipping resistant, non metallic APT Plate midsole Zero Perforation.

Plus: Insole and sole are highly electric resistant. The whole boot has been designed in order not to have any
metal parts;. EVANIT footbed, made of EVA and nitrile special compound, with high bearing capacity and variable
thickness. Thermoformed, punched and coated with highly breathable fabric. Arch support made of polycarbonate
and fibreglass conveniently placed between heel and sole, which provides support and protection of the plantar
arch, thus preventing harmful bendings. Perfumed sole. Leather toe cap protection. Excellent breathability

Suggested use: Given the high electrical resistance, it is possible to use this shoe as a secondary protective
equipment in addition to the primary ones (obligatory) for installation of electric plants and all activities where it is
important to reduce the risk of lesions for accidental contacts with hot electric wires. Footwear for electricians

Instructions: This shoe is not a primary protective equipment. It does not prevent the risk of electrical shock when
working with dangerous tensions and does not insulate from high voltage. Apart from these footwear the worker
must use other electrical shock protective equipment (i.e. gloves and insulating rubber carpets or alternative
systems in the work place). The resistance against electric shocks fails in wet environments and when the outer
surface of the sole is contaminated by chemical agents (i.e. road salt) or entrapped conductive materials (i.e. nails
or metal swarf). Therefore it is necessary to check the footwear carefully. They must be replaced if damaged or too
worn. The use of this shoe is absolutely not advisable in explosive stores or any place with risk of fire.

Care and maintenance: Clean after each use and dry off away from direct heat; treat the leather with a suitable
shoe-polish. Avoid contact with aggressive chemicals or extreme temperature. Avoid immersion in sea water, lime
water or cement mixed with water.

Safety cat. SB E P FO SRC

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