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Disposable Gloves

Disposable gloves for a variety of applications and in different materials. The standard disposable glove is the latex examination glove. We offer this lightly powdered (makes it easier to put on) or unpowdered (as some people with allergies have a reaction to the powder). We also offer a vinyl disposable glove, and again this comes powdered and unpowdered. Some people also have a latex allergy and are unable to use standard examination gloves. They usually take a nitrile disposable glove which is latex free and is slightly stronger. This glove is also popular with engineers and mechanics as it is resistant to oil and grease, is reasonably tough and still allows plenty of 'feel' when handling screws, nuts and bolts or components. We have recently introduced a nitrile disposable glove in purple - this is as worn by ambulance crews and paramedics and is proving popular now in other healthcare applications.