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3M EARSPP-P Yellow
3M EARSPP Ear Classic Soft Pillowpack (Pack 200)

3M EARSPP Ear Classic Soft Pillowpack (Pack 200)


Pillow pack classic ear plugs

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Product Description

The E-A-R Classic Soft Roll-Down earplugs are designed for insertion into the ear canal to help reduce exposure to hazardous levels of noise and loud sound. Soft polymer foam. Warms to body temperature and becomes very soft. Special cylindrical shape that fits most ear canals and provides a reliable seal. Low equilibrium pressure helps reduce pressure in ear and the ear canal thus increasing comfort and wearability. Small cell structure feels smoother to the touch. Excellent sound attenuation characteristics. Supplied in a re-sealable pillow-pack for ease of use. Helps reduce moisture and sweat build-up thus improving comfort. Ideally suited for use in hot and humid conditions. Available in both corded and uncorded versions. Conforms to EN352-2:2002 SNR=36dB H=36dB M=33dB L=29dB

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